Personal Protection Devices



The Whistle Shield
The Whistle Shield was developed to fortify existing whistles from emitting particles up and into the air. TWS maintains the...
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Protective Whistle Pouch
The Protective Pouch is designed to protect the user and others in close vicinity from droplets while still maximizing sound power. Manufactured...
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Fox40 Whistle - Fox40-Gearef officiating supplies
The Classic. Changed the game.    The Fox 40® Classic™ is the standard choice referees and coaches at all levels....
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Preferred Whistle of Volleyball Officials The Fox 40® Pearl® is perfect for those who don’t need a loud piercing shriek,...
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Fox40 Finger Whistle - Fox40-Gearef officiating supplies
The Original Classic Whistle in Fingergrip style!   The Fox 40® Classic™ Fingergrip is for referees and coaches at all...
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